Tuesday, 16 September 2014

FX currencies down today

Forex markets are confusing traders today, as all the major currencies declined on domestic cues, mixing forex pair value on Tuesday.

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In United States of America, data records of growth in factories, utilities and mining sector lost 0.1 percent in last month, posting a falling trend after surging at 0.2 percent in July.

Among other sectors, Manufacturers fell by 0.4 percent extending losses, with auto producers losing 7.6 percent in August. With all the major sectors reporting losses, US consolidating currency representing trades weakened its level, after trading at the highest peg in last 14 months.

US currency reported lower by 0.1 percent trading at 107.19 against Japanese Yen after trading higher at 107.39. USD/JPY at 107.39 is the highest record hit by the forex pair in last 6 years.

Euro fell in the basket of currencies as well, as it slipped 0.2 percent over dollars, reporting the pairing of EUR/USD at 1.2938. The trading kept in view flat level of USD among other currencies basket at 84.240.

In forex pair EUR/JPY traded lower at 138.70 shedding 0.3 percent in the trades today.

The Australian dollar's slipped 3.6 percent in September citing hike in interest rates from Reserve bank to revive the economy, placing AUD back up on the trading plate.

Meanwhile data showed a deep connection between China and Australia, its largest trading partner, is likely to miss its 2014 growth target, which is the prime reason behind lowering Aussie. AUD is trading at lowest point in 6-months at 89.85 cents as per records on Monday.